Brooklyn-based artist Guy Blue builds a dreamy landscape with the gorgeous and delicate new single, “No Other Life (Without You).” Many artists use ethereal and dreamy soundscapes to evoke a mood, but Guy Blue accomplishes the unique feat of translating the surreal into music through their songwriting and production. Every aspect of the song works to bring the listener into a dream, even the humble pulsing synths growing out of the distance that begin the song create the effect of a dream that has just blossomed in the mind the moment after the window of consciousness has slammed shut. A humble drum machine joins the construct and then shifts as soon as it becomes familiar by adding a reverb that grows and pushes the congruent dream vision further. Guy Blue wields progression masterfully here, adding sounds that are familiar but bent, so they simultaneously read as alien also – another perfect translation of the surreal. The songs textures shift and change, his deep vocals stilted and relaxed, creating a confident calm in this skewed dream world where new unique and unidentifiable sounds bubble up and dissipate.  Fans of Silver Jews, Mazzy Star, and Magnetic Fields will find a lot to love in this unique and masterful track.

Listen to the first single from Guy Blue’s new Arms Wide EP “No Other Life (Without You)” on Soundcloud.