Ryan Ritual brings you lucky listeners an infectious new single with “Slip Away.” The indie-pop track has a gruff, slacker charm that will disarm and enchant you while the nonstop pop pace will have you tapping toes, wiggling hips, and singing along the whole time. Bright steel guitar highlights flash by as guitars, synths, drum machines, and hand claps all create a wash of pop deliciousness that feels like a hot summer drive with the perfect breeze cooling the back of your neck. The sonics link perfectly with Ryan’s lyrics about new love feeling like a revival after being shut down emotionally (along with the rest of the world) because of the pandemic. Ryan sings those lines with vocals that are mesmerizing and catchy, blending a growling layer beneath his melodious singing that is reminiscent of the undeniable stylings of Future Islands. Here is Ryan talking about the decision for a solo project and the new single:

“After dedicating every day of the past 5 years to Mating Ritual, I wanted a change of pace and sound, so I spent the grey winter in London writing an album inspired by my early days of music fandom, British classics like Cleaners From Venus, The Smiths etc. I’ve always been hesitant to make music that sounds like what I love, at the risk of over listening/hating my favorite bands, but the opposite happened, I’m now listening to more of them than ever and I’ve already listened to this album more than anything I’ve made before. The first single, Slip Away, is a ripper about a post lockdown crush gone wrong.”

Listen to the new single “Slip Away” on Spotify, and find more from Ryan on their Instagram.