Musicians from Rochester and beyond are coming together to help a family member of one of their own. Glori Alexandar, the sister of Buffalo Sex Change guitarist/co-vocalist Phil Pierce, recently underwent a successful kidney transplant this past weekend. While she is recovering well from the surgery, Glori still has a long and unfortunately expensive road ahead of her. In order to help with the mounting medical bills, her brother Phil has curated a 16 track benefit compilation in hopes to aid with the costs.

The compilation features tracks, many which were previously unreleased, from some of Rochester’s top acts in Pleistocene, Howlo, Auld Lang Syne, MD Woods, Passive Aggressives Anonymous, and more, in addition to contributions from BSXC buddy Shana Falana, Buffalo native and Asthmatic Kitty artist DM Stith, and other acts from around New York State. Dave Drago of 1809 Studios, as well as Pleistocene’s Stephen Roessner, handled the mastering of the tracks.

The compilation is currently available to purchase for $10 (or more if you should be so generous). All proceeds will go toward Glori Alexander’s recovery. Further information on Glori’s story can be found here, and if you wish to purchase the album, head over to bandcamp to buy right now.