Albany bedroom electronica act Bare Mattress dropped a tasteful EP of low key jams at the end of last month by the name of Some Great Magnet Pulls, and it’s irresistible vaguely vaporwave sonic textures and pulsating basslines will be ideal for your late night and or early morning come down/chill out sessions.

Wrapped around a sinewy guitar and minimalist synths, “Toil Is” feels like a mantra set to a neon 80’s beat  before a very British New Wave guitar solo pulls it all together. The British New Wave vibe continues on “Then What,” a tightly stripped down joint with a minimalist approach to the synths and an insistent Peter Hook baseline. “Leasejumper” trades 80’s electronic dance rhythms for a thunderous backbeat that echoes, suspended in space before floating back to earth on the gorgeous fade out that is the LIN drum and ear candy caress of “Stars.”

As much I enjoy the warmth of a good vaporwave zone-out (preferably to loops of old cartoons on VHS), it’s the New Wave structures and callbacks, coupled with frequencies that make your ears feel funny in the best way possible,  that make Some Great Magnet Pulls a very worthwhile listen. Also, proceeds from digital sales go the Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood, which suggests moral fibre, so there’s that.