Trimania returns Saturday, April 14th for its every three year take over of the TriMain building.  The multi-faceted program is a hard dive into the local arts and music scenes, allowing the opportunity for the regional creatives to convey their art and the thousands of attendees to consume it. The event will almost overwhelm your senses, with artists, poets, musicians, and DJs performing in various rooms and  corners throughout the six stories of the building.

With that, here are 11 musical performances we suggest checking out Saturday night.

8pm Hop Hop @ Insight International (Suite 556)

Experimental hip hop artist Jaz Frasier performs under the moniker Hop Hop to deliver smart lyrics with abstract instrumentals

9pm Little Cake @ First Floor Stage

Avant garde multi-instrumentalist and front woman Little Cake dips her toe into a variety of genres and styles to produce an undoubtedly commanding performance.

9pm Deadwolf @ Contemporary Galleries of Buffalo Arts Studio (Suite 317)

Rising Buffalo psych rock outfit Deadwolf channel the 70s for an undoubtable blast from the past with their heavy presence.

9:15pm Aircraft @ Floor 6 Stage (Suite 610)

Local scene mainstays Aircraft will surely deliver with their brand of cosmic rock and catchy melodies for their set.

9:30pm Night Slaves @ Bellydance Academy Stage (Suite 415)

Experimental industrial electronic duo Night Slaves is a partnership of Johnny Toohill and David Kane that is equally jarring and enthralling.

10pm Small Smalls @  Contemporary Galleries of Buffalo Arts Studio (Suite 317)

Gentle tinkering electro pop act Small Smalls appeals to fans of Freezepop or Ladytron, and their sweet demeanor might be the perfect 10pm pick-me-up.

10:15pm Passed Out @ Sugar City Art Gallery (Suite 413)

Frantic indiemo act Passed Out is the project fronted by one of the busiest musicians in Buffalo, Andy Pothier. The band’s heavy hitting sound is reminiscent of early Connor Obersts’ project Desaparecidos, Beach Slang, or Japandroids.

10:30pm Welks Mice @ Bellydance Academy Stage (Suite 415)

Xylophone/Vocalist tag team Welks Mice deliver witty lyrics with driving percussion. Think of a more minimalist Flight of the Conchords with a tad more artsy lean and you’ll get the idea.

11pm Green Schwinn @ Stairwell 12

Minimalist art folk project Green Schwinn channels the likes of Tiny Tim with their eccentric delivery and command.

11:15pm Pine Fever @ Floor 6 Stage (Suite 610)

Local busker folk act Pine Fever will get you stomping and clapping with their gravelly swamp-y sound complete with gang vocals.

12am Mallwalkers @ First Floor Stage

Buffalo’s number one funk punk band rounds out the night with their raucous sound coupled with a complete horn section.