Berlin based emo rockers Watching Tides have released their latest single “Have you seen” for the world to hear. The song’s big sound centers around fat guitar chords filling the room while the lead vocals are restrained and melodic yet earnestly passionate in perfect emo fashion.  The rest of the song is filled out with chest thumping drums that echo in your chest while simultaneously being tightly structured which gives  each room filling guitar chord a clear rock shape that is so tasty.  Here is the band talking about writing their new track,

“Have You Seen” is a song about the impact of the pandemic. Sometimes, after a nightmare, even though it’s hard to remember what you dreamed, you’re left with this uneasy feeling in your gut. A feeling of shame, guilt and unease that can’t be defined exactly. This is the feeling that the pandemic triggered in me. An almost constant burden that comes with the fear that realities of life and bonds with other people have changed forever, hopes, dreams and goals are constantly questioned and a certain lightness has been lost.

The track will give fans of Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World, or All American Rejects lots to love.

Listen to the new track on Spotify. Find more from Watching Tides in their links