After a couple of exceptional singles in 2022 (see our features on them here and here), Bo Milli, the 22 year old musician from Bergen, Norway, brings us her latest with “Good Kid,” a cathartic indie rock jam with a crushing chorus. Bo Milli puts an earnest voice to collective dread and paralysis of a generation staring at the void of anxiety and doom that is the oncoming climate catastrophe. Bo opens the song by singing curiously, “I turn on the TV / I see people doing pretty much the same as me,” lyrics that brings the apathy of a generation towards the environmental crisis into the long view. Soon that melancholic reflection turns self critical with the titular chorus bursting forth in a cathartic and crushing “I’m a good kid / I’m not meant to change the world / I’m sorry I’m already such a disappointment.” Bo Milli continues to show a talent for tapping into the collective and live trauma of an entire generation through her brutally honest and self criticizing song writing. Any fans of the indie rock stylings of Sharon Van Etten, Soccer Mommy, or Phoebe Bridgers will find lots to love in this song.

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Listen to new song “Good Kid” from Bo Milli here on Youtube.