You can almost hear the blowing of a breeze and rustling leaves while gazing at the nature-esque cover art for Buffalo indie folk duo Tough Old Bird’s latest EP, A Mantle for the Lantern.

Buffalo brothers Matthew and Nathan Corrigan recorded the entire EP in their home while the rest of the world was shut down due to COVID-19. The intro to the EP, “‘The Jaybird Lives!’,” creates a very delicate, yet safe atmosphere for the audience to float through. With a breezy folk vibe that sways back and forth, A Mantle for the Lantern is akin to a rhythmic river running under the sunset. The only two words needed to sum up the ambience of the EP are peace and harmony.

First, preview “‘The Jaybird Lives!'” via YouTube below, but be sure to check their entire (lengthy!) discography on Spotify as well.