The transparency that Buffalo punk artist Stress Dolls possesses is as evident in her music as it is on social media. The last words in her Spotify bio read, “Currently I’m back in the studio with Marc working on a new release that I hope to get out sometime in 2021…” And boy did she deliver.

With the single “Alone,” released January 7th (accompanied by a stunning music video just three days later), Chelsea O’Donnell shows off her near decade of experience by screaming both authenticity and relatability with straightforward lyrics like “I’d rather be alone,” showcasing that sometimes our complex thoughts are best relayed in simple terms. It’s done through the simple-yet-effective use of jangly guitar rock and synth lead flourishes, highlighted of course by O’Donnell’s one-of-a-kind vocal prowess.

You can find all the different ways to enjoy “Alone” (as well as her newest EP, FORWARD) via this link.