After 2 years of anticipation, we’re finally here, all the hype, all the teases of new material from this passionately loved artist who wears their heart on their sleeve and reps their city to the death; I am of course talking about the release of, Sorry by The Slums. Unless you’ve been completely oblivious to the local music scene, it’s been kind of hard to miss the local shout-rockers in our fair city, playing barn-burner of a show after barn-burner of a show.

But tonight’s show is one of proper celebration, as the band marks the release of their buffaBLOG-approved, debut album. The Slums will be playing most (if not all) the tunes off their debut with I’m sure some room for old singles as well. The band’s trademark raw, aggressive, and wildly emotive punk sound, lends itself especially to the live setting, and if you’re like me, I know you’re probably eager to hear new tracks like “Blue Suits” and “Bottleneck” live.

Also joining The Slums, are some of their friends and some of Buffalo’s best artists, including the resonant rhymes of Dr. Ooo and the 90s-esque lo-fi sounds of Cooler. Doors at The Leopard Lounge open at 8pm and tickets are $10