Gotta love impossible-to-Google jazz ensembles. And you gotta love idiosyncratic, downtown art spaces that bring them to you, live, so you can leave all the Googling at home or in your pocket and just enjoy the show. The Moon is the NYC-based, free-form team of Adam Caine and Federico Ughi, whose guitar/drum duets are at once reminiscent of the deep psych of Brainticket, the soothing melodiousness of Cluster, and the off-kilter math of Ponytail, and they are performing at the new(ish) art-show space Dreamland tonight at 7pm.

I’m not sure exactly what local composer/performers T.J. Borden and Kevin Cain have in store for their support sets (though the former has already warned attendees to bring earplugs for his set with Zane Merritt, Steve Baczkowski, and Jim Abramson, which will probably be noisy as fuck, and the latter is no stranger to strange acoustic experiments [as an aside, check out his upcoming Silo Sessions project, where he’s taping musicians in the abandoned and likely super-haunted grain silos south of the city]).