We all wish we could go back to a simpler time. Let that time be the early 2000’s, when the likes of Bert McCracken and Gerard Way reigned supreme and teased half-mullets were the hairstyle of choice. Sure, the emo kids got shat on as much as any hipster does today but let’s face it, we loved emo music and emo music loved us.

buffaBLOG is kicking off our “Taking Back Saturday: A Night of Emo Music” series tonight at Milkie’s on Elmwood, with plans to make it a continual event. What other time will it be appropriate to bust out your youth sized At The Drive-In shirt and channel Adam Lazzara’s stage moves? To make things extra nostalgic, there will be guest DJ appearances from Jeff Czum (Cute Is What We AIm For), Anthony Musior (Mandy K), and Nick Sessanna (In Motion).

10pm fun, $5 is all it will take to participate in the fun. I’m gonna go pop Your Favorite Weapon into this ancient walkman that I still have and weep now.