Admit it. This is a safe space. Emo music dominated your ipod in the 2000s. How could you drive to your part-time job without plugging  Deja Entendu into the auxiliary-to-tape input in your 1996 Ford Taurus? That tape converter was easily one of best piece of technology of the 2000s., by the way.

Join us in nostalgia tonight at Milkie’s where we will be spinning the deep cuts from all your favorite bands from the era. We’re talking Taking Back Sunday, Saves the Day, Midtown all the way to some deep feelers like Hey Mercedes or American Football, sprinkled in with some must-have forefathers like Get Up Kids or Cap’n Jazz. It will all be there, folks.

Fun starts at about 10pm with DJ sets from local reformed emos Kevin Scoma (Mandy K), Jay Zubricky (producer over at GCR), and Dennis Ferry (of This is an Empire). $5 will get you past the door guy and a straight shot down memory lane. Tell all your friends.