Okay, so over the “break,” I really could not pry myself from paying attention to what music was being released, so here are the songs I feel as though we should have shared with you. We are back in the swing of things with a preview set for tomorrow and back to programming on Monday.

Welks Mice – “Talking Too Fast”

It’s no secret that Welks Mice are truly unique and paint vivid pictures with their talented story telling. After close to a year of playing Buffalo’s DIY circuit, Welks Mice finally(!) have some recorded material. The nu-lounge duet released their first single “Talking Too Fast” along with “Dreams” and “Company Time,” in January. Centering around a vibraphone and highlighting lead-vocalist Max Weiss’s dramatic bravado,  the  minimalist duo’s “Talking Too Fast” is a great example of the band’s repertoire.

Aaron Welcher – “Bubble Gum”

Rochester songwriter Aaron Welcher surprised us with an understated EP in late January. Standout track “Bubblegum” infuses mid-ought Saddle Creek sensibilities with smooth jazz undertones. Welcher’s crisp, bouncing musicianship is met with his quasi-baritone and irreverent, slightly morbid lyrics about a vanilla-scented coke fiend… Think Neva Dinova or Jack Johnson with a hint of Modest Mouse. “Do you think I have the goods, Bubblegum?” has never sounded so bittersweet.

Coral Collapse – “Rathskeller” 

Last week, Buffalo-based quartet Coral Collapse debuted three impressive songs on the low via their soundcloud page. Washed out vocals, shoegaze vibez,  and a dreamy melody make “Rathskellar” healthy mix of Wild Nothing and DIIV.

the loner(s) – “#2”

James Keegan of the loner(s)‘ the mind must run a mile a minute. Over our break, the multi-instrumentalist/ released a batch of songs to our delight, including a new full length and EP.  the loner(s) meets somewhere halfway between Alex G and Daniel Johnston, with superb story telling and a glimpse into the soul of the hyper creative/aware. “#2” is a downtrodden ditty where Keegan sings about being second fiddle in a relationship. “I love you, pull all my guts out of me, make me uneasy.” Songwriting seems almost effortless (in a good way) to Keegan and the project just pulls you in.

Oh Manitou – “Healer” 

Rochester-based three-piece, Oh Manitou’s sound is very well crafted for a debut release. The song “Healer” has all the makings of an Alternative radio hit, reflective, earnest, and clean with shades of Grouplove, Young the Giant, and even some Joywave-y vocals at times.