Tonight, Nietzsche’s is slated for a unique bill that boasts an impressive spectrum of genres, ranging from indie pop to rap to straight-up enthralling confusion. Arguably, the most noteworthy aspect of tonight’s showcase is the first public outing of new Buffalo-based art-rock project  Smokin’ Black Tar (featuring former members of Well Worn Boot and Mr. Boneless). The creative new project has four distinct characters – Ol’ Negro, a charismatic hobo approaching his early sixties, a raccoon aptly named Raccoon, a drummer/cottonball that loves cigars named Cotton, and lastly, a wispy unionist named Yankee Joe.

We sat with Ol’ Negro to get his take on tonight’s show:

“I’ve always shied away from being in a band. Something about singin’ and dancin’ for white folk just don’t sit well with me. But one day, whiles we was on the drink, Yankee Joe convinced me that we ain’t gotta do it for the folks in front of us, hell we just gwine have a good-ass time. And I’ll tell ya right now: Ain’t nothin’ better than havin’ a good-ass time. Especially in front of some quizzical looking white folk.”

Also on the bill are The Ithaca Bottom Boys, kooky rapper Jack Topht, and indie pop act dreambeaches. Doors at 9pm with a $5 cover. Boo yah.