Rebecca Ryskalczyk, a current member of Bethlehem Steel and former member of the now defunct Paul’s Grandfather, is no stranger to the DIY music scene. As of late, she’s really taken the DIY attitude to heart by embarking on a solo tour. That solo tour has landed her in her home city tonight, to much anticipation from friends and fans alike.

Ryskalczyk has a subtle approach to vocals and instrumentals, but there’s more to it than that. Though she successfully maintains a genuine vulnerability in her sound, total fragility doesn’t seem to be what she’s going for. This helps her music have it’s own alluring brand of dynamism, in that she can be gently whisper-singing one second, belting the next, and have it all dig at you in some intense way.

This show is definitely a good one to check out, whether you haven’t made it out to any Infringement Fest shows or you’re continuing a streak. CORNER is slated to open and Space Cubs is closing out the night. The show is free as all heck but donations are welcome (show some local love). Check out the Facebook event for more information.