Radarada, one of Buffalo’s most prolific hip-hop ensembles, promises to get you turned up tonight at Nietzsche’s. They’re playing all the old favorites that most fans know by heart. It’s no secret these guys are a lot of fun on stage and put on a high-energy show that keeps you buzzing for hours afterwards, but I have to say since I first saw them perform last summer, the band has grown significantly more confident and comfortable in their sound. This forward mobility breaths new life into songs I’ve heard before, making them sound more rich and dynamic with each performance. If you miss out on seeing them tonight, catch them tomorrow at the Elmwood Village Associations’ 20 Block Bash (between West Utica and Hodge) from 5pm -10 pm.

Also featured in tonight’s showcase is one of Buffalo’s freshest hip-hop outfits, Death Picnic featuring Short Moscato. They offer no lulls in the high-energy or good time. The group features a full-band with focus on instrumentals that compliment Moscato’s lyrical rhymes, and is little less dance-centric than Rada with a more traditional hip-hop style. Like Rada, Moscato’s beats tell a story, but the content is so different that the vibe seems to shift. The MC will be spitting songs off his new album called Whatever Forever, set to drop next Friday, September 25th, so don’t miss out on a chance to catch that new new before everyone else does.

To balance out the evening, a performance by the jazz band Frontstreet Men promises to slow things down, let the audience take a breath and feel all the right feels. There may not be many opportunities to see these talented groups perform together in one evening, so don’t miss out.

Don’t miss out on a great mix of local talent jamming out at Nietzsche’s all night long. The showcase will be a perfect mix of highs and lows with both new material and some warmly familiar beats from some of Buffalo’s finest hip-hop and jazz musicians. Music starts at 10pm with a cover of $5