There are very few things in life more unpleasant than a brain tumor. Hell, just the thought of a tumor hanging out on a big ol’ brain is creepy. If I’m going to avoid anything in life, I hope it’s brain tumors.

But there’s this band from Minneapolis called Brain Tumors, and they’re actually pretty cool. Perhaps they have brain tumors and that’s whats responsible for their general punkness?….or not. They’re pretty hardcore either way and that’s what tonights show is all about. Hardcore. Along with general weirdness from Big Suze, some Philly punks in Bad Energy, Queen City Lotto product Scajaquada Creeps, and No Prevail we have a pretty rad show, brought to us by the fine folks at Shaken Stylus. Hoyt House (6 bucks, 7pm). You know where it is, so go.