I thought I had viewed the last moments of I Can See Mountains last year. It was a bittersweet show full of catchy riffs, half sung/half spoken vocals, and even a display of acrobatics when Matt Cox jumped onto the rafters of the Waiting Room and swung himself around (much to the chagrin of club security).

Much to our delight, ICSM isn’t quite out for the count. Cousins Matt Cox and Kevin Hoffman decided to continue on with the band and have just released a new EP called Gone Beachy. Recorded at Quiet Country Audio, the three song EP is full of the catchy wordplay and upbeat emo that made ICSM a fan favorite in the first place.

“My Acquatic” sounds like a Hoffman/Cox fronted Cloud Nothings, bolstered by that huge beginning riff. Soon enough, “She’s My Bobby Orr Pt. II” brings us back to the ICSM we’re used to. “Bald” has Hoffman and Cox wondering if they’ll go bald like their grandfathers overtop of a snare roll, but eventually devolves into the most beautiful chorus on the EP. Check out one of the new songs below.