Beach House is a band that wants you to pay attention to more than just their haze-pop sound. The Baltimore duo has been at it for just about 11 years now and they’ve maintained consistent notability throughout. But they’ve also been met with some opposition over, oddly enough, the consistency of their sound and the lack of drastic sonic change over the years.

In a 2012 interview with Pitchfork, Alex Scally discloses, “Writing about us, people have said: ‘Do we need another album by this band?’ What the fuck is that? That only matters if you’re just listening to sound…A lot of people listening to music now don’t listen to the songs or lyrics at all. They just go, ‘Good tones…’ and that’s it. But we’re obsessed with songs. Sometimes, I feel like people aren’t listening to our songs, they’re just listening to the sound.”

Beach House is heavily identified by just that; their dreamy sound, cool tones, muted vocals. It comprises much of their identity as a band. But I think drastic sonic change in this case, does not equate to sonic depth or growth. Their lyrics are haunting, the textures from album to album and even song to song are hugely varied, and BH’s songs have this incredible way of injecting a wave of emotion straight into you as a listener.

With Depression Cherry only a week away from its unveiling, I am hopeful that they will continue to exhibit this sonic growth on their new full length. I am also entirely curious about how the duo will make their music, old and new, come to life at the Town Ballroom tonight. Doors are at 7:00pm and tickets are still available for $29. Check the Facebook event for more information.