Tonight the Waiting Room hosts a downstate vs upstate New York battle of the bands when NYC’s Acid Dad and Brooklyn post punks Honduras share a bill with local fellas Ugly Sun and Deadwolf. Actually, it’s not a battle of the bands at all; everybody’s cool and there’s no cash prizes or bragging rights on the line (or are there?), and the real winners are local fans of garage and psychedelic rock down to kick it out on a Sunday night with these fine bands.

NYC power trio Acid Dad specialize in the kind of sleezy garage rock usually ideal for getaway driving in vintage cars and/or driving on dark roads with the headlights off under the influence. Brooklyn’s Honduras meanwhile have been generating buzz in all the right places thanks to a raw garage rock that mainlines that 70’s downtown punk sound to satisfying effect. Local openers are both blog favorites: Ugly Sun are keeping Buffalo nasty while psych rockers Deadwolf are prepping a debut album. All of this could be yours for $12. Doors at 7pm, show at 8pm.