Retro, goofy, and groovy are just three words that come to mind when asked “Who are The Burkharts?”

The four-part Buffalo based indie band consists of Gavon, Trevor, Austin, and James, and it goes without question that these folks got their 10,000 hours in. I swear, you can hear the chemistry in their art as all composition is distributed equally and confidently between the band. The Burkharts have an overlying retro sound that gives older audiences a blast of nostalgia while giving the youth a breath of something fresh; either way you’re dropping everything and running to the beach. But why waste time breaking down and analyzing each and every attribute of “the Beatles from Buffalo?” They already answered that for us with the newly year-old project, Who Are the Burkharts?

Who Are The Burkharts? leads off with the single “To Be Your Lover,” originally dropped December 11th of 2020. A song which has since accumulated nearly half a million streams on Spotify alone for good reason. It’s built around a catchy, yet relatable hook with dreamy bridges leading into all of the right places. If this tune doesn’t get your hips moving then I don’t know what will.

The sophomore track on the project is “With a Friend Like You,” which rolls along with thick vocals that seem to melt like magma throughout the room. “With a Friend Like You” comes with a charming sample 2/3rd the way through that really brings out the vintage aesthetic the Burkharts seem to possess. The sample is some sort of filtered applause with announcements that sound like they’re straight from the sixties. It’s lovely how the sample makes its way back to the end of the track as well to tie everything together. There’s something comforting about their retro vibe that walks that magical line of respectful, not derivative.

Track three, titled “In My Worried Mind,” is a song that should be played in every general clothing store. The lyrics and message are something that people can either empathize or sympathize with in some nature. “In my worried mind, I know it to be true” are words we’ve all experienced with others and even more-so ourselves. It’s really inspiring how the Burkharts can turn any subject matter into sounds that can be enjoyed by all.

“Our Rockaway” could range anywhere from a lullaby to a wakeup call. The energy is certainly still there, however, it’s more reserved and delivered in a lighter package. Despite (or perhaps thanks to) the dynamics of “Our Rockaway” it is my favorite track on the project.

The second half of the project is softer overall and “Pretty Words” might be the most susceptible to that claim. The percussion is generally quieter and the focus is more in the harmonics between the vocals, guitar, and keyboard. This ultimately gives it a very “pretty” sound, which really helps show that the Burkharts have range in their varied songwriting.

Who are the Burkharts? Ends off the same way it started, screaming optimism. “Wonderful Things” comes from a world where the sun is brighter, grass is greener, and you never gave up on your dreams.

If you’re still wondering “Who are the Burkharts?,” do yourself a favor and find out here: