The emotion is tangible in the newest single from Californian duo STARRY EYES. “No Show” is a grunge-pop ode to a heroin-addicted father – with a guitar-driven backbone and somber melodies aplenty, the ennui comes pouring out over the course of this song’s 4:46 runtime. With plenty of 90s alt-rock energy (think “The Freshman” from The Verve Pipe or “Stars” by Hum) and a pinch of emo revival energy, “No Show” checks all our emotional boxes with a healthy dose of starry-eyed (pun intended) nostalgia. About the EP, singer guitarist John Shippey adds:

“These songs are for people who’ve been through some shit — music is our catharsis. Many of the songs on ‘Ciao Bella’ wrestle with the issues of addiction and loss, but we always try to balance the negative with the positive and keep looking toward the future.”

“No Show” is available on the band’s new EP, Ciao Bella. If you dig this one as much as we do, be sure to check it out on Spotify or peep their linktree for other options.