Halifax’s Ellur is here with a guitar-pop jam that encapsulates an entire coming-of-age story. With soaring melodies, a driving beat, galactic synth plunks, and Ellur’s passionate vocals, “Anywhere” brings to mind indie luminaries like Angel Olsen, Lorde, and HAIM. We’ve all been enthralled with people that are no longer in our lives at one point or another and Ellur zeroes in on those feelings of regret and longing with pinpoint accuracy – further explaining the song, Ellur explains:

“Anywhere is a song written for your ex (the one that you’re not over). Set on a summer night, at dusk, after a day of drinking in a park somewhere with your friends. Your skin is warm, your head is dizzy and your recent ex is walking towards you. A song about a feeling I think everybody has felt. The building tension between you both; your past relationship and all the feelings still bubbling away in the melting pot.”

You can find “Anywhere” on both Apple Music and Spotify.