LA’s charlø (aka songwriter, vocalist, and producer Charlotte Reed) is here with a tape-aged bedroom-pop banger called “Lemon.” Synths that warp in and out of a vintage warble power this one forth, giving “Lemon” an indie rocker feel without losing sight of top 40-quality melodies. Complimenting the smooth production and pop-minded songwriting approach, “Lemon” is a song with a much deeper meaning – charlø uses her songwriting chops to diatribe about the challenges of being a female in the music industry, ultimately fantasizing about flipping the bird to her haters from the top. Here’s what Charlotte has to say about “Lemon” below:

“Lemon came about from a general frustration around being written off by people in the music industry and just wishing that I could tell people to shut the fuck up sometimes. I hate feeling like you can’t risk burning bridges by speaking up for yourself in relationships where there is a clear power dynamic, especially being a female artist in a male-dominated industry. I look forward to the day when I can prove those who doubted me wrong!”

Be sure to check “Lemon” out via Soundcloud (below) and Spotify.