Something For Us is a chilling inhale and a warm reprieve. This eight-song release serves as Suzanne Bonifacio’s most recent full length as Space Cubs, the one-woman experimental electronic project based out of Buffalo.

With vocals that are pure, direct and at times otherworldly, Bonifacio constructs an atmosphere around her listener. Each song is a tapestry, thickly woven with minute detail, unique depictions interlaced into each one.

The speaker on this album is adrift, dealing with the seemingly impossible burden of being unsure and living uncomfortably with the desire to change. On “That First Day”, she sings: “I’m planting myself tiny seeds / But picking them up cause they won’t be stomached today / I’m losing myself in another day’s due / Now watching the days growing old / To learn what is sweet is the greatest hill I am climbing / Now I sit within my findings / I want to be new.”

Despite the quietly sobering lyrical content, this album is anything but hopeless. The kaleidoscope of sounds is a bright beacon, a light existing somewhere in the distance, one that is easy to spot on your first listen.