Reborn Buffalo electronica band Space Cubs are getting ready to release What iff, their first EP as a quartet in a few weeks, and for an enigmatic and tantalizing teaser they’ve just released it’s lead single “Quitting.” Inscrutable like Amnesiac era Radiohead, “Quitting” floats in on a hazy cloud of Ken Culton’s hard to pin down poly-rhythms, eerie guitar riffs from Adam Pressley, the ambient Eno vibes of Shawn Lewis, and Suzanne Bonifacio’s otherworldly and hypnotic vocals, building to an off-kilter crescendo of chaos before succumbing to sweet entropy that sounds great in your inner ear.

If the rest of What iff is as exquisitely crafted and affecting as “Quitting,” we will be in for a genuine treat when the EP drops April 7th, with a release party at the Mohawk that night featuring Jack, Sonny Baker, and Bold Folly.

Pic by Jeanette Chwan