Soot Sprite is both an indie group from the UK and the most unappealing Sprite flavor I’ve ever heard of… Oh, and the former has released a new track “I Went Swimming.” Describing themselves as “straddling dream pop and shoegaze, a little melancholy and a little euphoria,” I can’t say I can argue with any of that. The track centers around Elise Cook’s vocals with shoegazy layers of guitar driving things forward with the drums. Her vocal range is impressive and nails the promise of “a little melancholy and a little euphoria” ten times over.

Speaking to the track, Cook had this to say: “A song about recognising a red flag in your relationship and emotionally shutting down to that person and cutting things off. Some people describe this as getting “the ick” but that feels like a trivial term. Sometimes we have to learn from our mistakes and protect ourselves and that’s exactly what this is about.” Fans of Cloud Nothings or anyone who is a 90’s kid still in a grunge phase, you’d both find common ground and a lot to enjoy here.

You can hear “I Went Swimming” below from the band’s Soundcloud or over on Spotify.