“American Song” is the latest from Singaporean transplant Claire Gohst, also known as Paper Citizen. Kicked out of her home at 17 after coming out as gay, Gohst worked her way up through the Singapore music scene until she decided to take the leap to Berklee College of Music in Boston. Now in LA, she’s continuing to craft heartfelt indie tracks with much aplomb. “American Song” is an upbeat guitar forward track that is best described as pop rock and is just so gosh darn wholesome we can’t get enough. Her earnestness and joy shine through, and that’s no accident:

“American Song,” “is my ode/tribute to how much I love and cherish American music, and my nostalgia for how much live music has changed over the last decade. Despite all the things we disagree on in this country, I think we can agree that America has some of the best music in the world.”

You can hear “American Song” in music video form (love me a good music vid) below on YouTube or save it to your patriotic indie playlist on Spotify.