“White Pigeon” is the latest from CHOO CHOO, a three piece out of Brooklyn and “New York City’s #1 train themed rock band.” Written around a lyric singer Erica Enriquez thought of:

“…I wonder if the white pigeon thinks it’s a dove, guess I’ll keep trying, hoping that it’s enough. I thought about the romance that is associated with doves and how pigeons have a similar resemblance but are not held with the same whimsy. This song is about trying, and grinding, and faking it until you make it.”

Starting off very light and whimsical, the track quickly shifts gears into some rockin’ phuzzy guitar and doesn’t let up until the end. I was drawn in by Enriquez’s strong vocal performance and, frankly the music video (it was so fun to watch)!

Fans of Soccer Mommy or Snail Mail would find a lot to enjoy here, as would anyone who wants to see a grown woman dress up as a pigeon. We’ve also covered the band previously here, with the equally impressive track “Pulaski Song.”

Be sure to check out “White Pigeon” below as the band took the time to make a zany music video and it’s just so fun and wholesome. It has magicians, pickle mics, nasal instruments and quite a bit more (seriously, check it out). You can also save the track on Spotify or check it out on Bandcamp.