From packing Black Dots Records a year ago to playing Coachella this spring, Sheer Mag is undoubtedly a success story.  There are VERY few “hype bands” that are actually worth hyping up, and Sheer Mag is number one on the list.   The band has managed to create a formula that not only the punks can get down with, but make a style of straight up rock music that is aware and accessible enough to break into the “normal” music scene.   Backed by Buffalo natives Uniform OPR and Radiation Risks, as well as touring act Laffing Gas, the venue had to have been near sold out. Boasting their Thin Lizzy-esqe riffs and all around commanding presence on stage, the 5 piece absolutely tore down the Mohawk Place, making this a show for the ages.  Check out some photos from the show below, and click here for a full gallery.

Radiation Risks

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Laffing Gas

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Sheer Mag

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