Seattle’s Ruler fits into the city’s historic music scene with years of pent-up ambition that pours through in their single “Easy Life.” The brainchild of frontman Matt Batey, Ruler supplies clarion vocal melodies, garage-rock inspired guitar lines, and drum tracks built for precision. There’s a definite light-hearted breeziness to the track, sending out a ‘let the good times roll’ spirit that immediately makes your day a little brighter. Despite the project’s recent inception, Batey is no stranger to Seattle’s musical bounds, spending the last 12 years fronting bands and cranking out releases. Those years spent cultivating a sound and building up a catalog seem to pay off here, where clever song structure and instrumentation plays tongue-and -cheek in a way that’s not overly obvious, but subtly addicting. This is Ruler’s third single release, with a debut album coming soon via Barsuk Records.