Quinton Brock’s latest single “To The Moon” is everything you need right now in the year of our lord 2020, and it’s video directed by Shauna Presto is pure gold and the future Leftists dream of. The ever elusive Brock has previously offered us glimpses into his progressive and soulful vision hip-hop, but here it’s sunny and frankly gorgeous surf punk rock that’s rousingly,  joyfully alive thanks to his satisfyingly earnest melodies, some killer riffs and shredding from Griff Smith and Peter Enriquez, and some fat and swinging rhythm from bassist Don Hanson and drummer Gengis Don.

The video from buffaBLOG alum Shauna Presto is pure summer, and a heavenly expression of freedom, love, and community, and everybody needs to get with it as soon as possible. Thanks.