ICYMI, Florida-based Pohgoh‘s been on a bit of a hot streak lately (see our previous features of both “Hammer” and “Weeds“). Like “Hammer” and “Weeds” before it, “Over/Under” carries on the storied tradition of mid-to-late 90s emo – think heartfelt vocals; punchy guitars; and sugar-sweet melodies that, while fun and endearing, can’t help but inspire you to feel real feelings. As an overarching theme across their most recent output, “Over/Under” deals with singer Susie Ulrey’s MS diagnosis and the different ways it’s affected her life. Check out what she has to say below:

“‘Over/Under’ is about the random uncertainty of odds while living through a traumatic experience. In the fall of 2018 I spent 3 terrifying weeks in the hospital (including a stint in the ICU) due to a very rare reaction to an MS (Mulitple Sclerosis) treatment I had taken years prior. The odds eventually titled in my favor when I was finally sent home, though in a pretty fragile state with a slow, months-long recovery ahead of me”

You can find all the ways to enjoy “Over/Under” (and Pohgoh’s other music) via this link.