O+S, the latest musical venture for Orenda Fink and Scalpelist (aka Cedric LeMoyne) nestles itself on the dreamier side of alt-rock with their single “Hold You Down.” Heralding from the duo’s long awaited sophomore album, “Hold You Down” spans a sweet array of emotional scrutiny and soul-searching. Fink reveals “’Hold You Down’ is about the impossible task of accepting you are going to lose someone before you actually do. It wonders if love is the thread that weaves our collective fabric- and supposes that once you love someone they are a part of you forever, regardless of if they still inhabit their physical body or not.” The song’s relatively sparse and exposing instrumentation and gentle vocals lend even more to this idea of soothing rumination. For more of O+S keep an eye out for their upcoming album You Were Once the Sun, Now You’re the Moon, out later this Spring via Saddle Creek.