Throughout history, art often strikes a delicate balance between humor and depth.

We’ve all got that one friend, always authentically themselves, goofy one second, and deep as hell the next. While listening to Neetchy, a sneering chuckle could easily turn sentimental.

With no effort to fit in, the boundary-pushing artist has been doing it his way since 2015 with projects like Cotton Candy Mountains, Songs For, and About You, and Jerry, amongst others (see our previous features on both The Old Me and Y’all Need a Drink).

Throughout this time, Neetchy has developed a cartoonish pop rap finesse, emphasizing sticky melodies, did-he-just-say-that lyrics, and his own enigmatic character. Unafraid to try new things, the fringe artist’s early discography draws upon cloud rap, southern hip hop, R&B, and dance-pop along with a host of related sounds.

After a few years worth of hip hop releases, an alien-autotune-country sound burgeoned within Neetchy’s repertoire. “Places,” found on 2020’s Love Is For The Birds, is a comical piece of web-americana, with real countrified grit. Ironic or not, who cares, it’s darn’ tootin good.

His latest work, NO POZER, releases under Neetchy Band, a new project that features a full set of backing performers.

Furthering his western sound, the band proves Neetchy’s work simply can’t be labeled. The group’s post-country flair is legitimized by emotional warmth and rootsy guitar chops. Internet music at its finest, this incongruous project faces loneliness with an infectious cowboy-grin.

Creativity bursts through on the tastefully dreamy intro track, “Ride Out The Storm.” Propelled by the band’s chiming, atmospheric sound, Neetchy croons an outsider’s ode to standing out, despite how isolating this path can be.

“Alamo” is an out-of-body-tune, storying a bird that follows Neetchy around over and above his upbeat guitar strums. The tender, earworm chorus is hilarious. Neetchy sings: “Drink beers sometimes to get me through / I don’t know when, I don’t know who, one day I’ll be coming home to you / Crazy love.” This way-out country-rock track is fit for hiking up a mountain naked.

The comforting closer, “Cars II,” centers around a thankful attitude. It sequels a deep cut from the aforementioned Love Is For The Birds, a project that has a lot in common with the twangier aesthetics on NO POZER. “Cars II” just might be the best expression of Neetchy’s personality, where zany humor meets real feelings.

The project’s genre collusion and unwavering authenticity makes for a liberating listen. NO POZER is special, like a personal note never meant to be said out loud, reminding me of a quote from Neetchy’s Spotify bio:

“Whats life without music. I fear my own insecurities have misled peoples’ perception of me. Don’t be afraid to try something different… I will continue to make whatever I want and post here…Waiting for the game to push the magic button. Working.”

Stream NO POZER on Spotify and Apple Music.

Projects like Love is For The Birds, Jerry, and his full solo discography can also be found on Spotify and Apple Music.

Check out a video of The Neetchy Band playing live below: