Tonight, Blanque Check, a local record label, is presenting a night of “music with a darker tinge” at Dreamland (8pm, $5), which seems appropriate given the week of mostly sub-zero temperatures we all just lived through.

Nauseau, the solo project of Melbourne based musician, Andrew Dalziell, is headlining. This project takes brooding Bauhaus-esque vocals, slightly discordant and moody guitars and surrounds them with minimal tinny synths.

Opening for Nauseau are 3 diverse Buffalo based acts. Space is Haunted is a raucous two piece with churning guitars and strident vocals. Bill and Jamie’s house is another two piece, providing the evening with gut wrenching folk songs. Finally, Brain Drain is spacey slowcore at times reminiscent of Galaxy 500. These 3 acts should further anchor an already solid night of music to warm your frozen souls. If not, standing in a crowd of people should at least help warm up your frozen extremities so it is win either way.