The pairing of Rochester electronic R&B artist mdnt and Buffalo bass artist YLXR is almost too perfect. The two have a knack for creating music that evokes or comes from a place of darkness, and YLXR”s past production hints that he’d be a great compliment to someone with the vocal characteristics of mdnt. Both artists also use abbreviated names, so that’s pretty perfect too.

On “Baptize,” the creative forces unite for a song that deserves any and all acclaim. The mystique of mdnt”s drowning falsetto is paired beautifully with the dips and drones of YLXR’s futurebass production. The imagery in mdnt’s songwriting also deserves specific recognition, as the “reborn” theme of the track puts the picture of something like a water phoenix in the brain. 

“Baptize” is the lead single from mdnt’s forthcoming debut EP VII Labors, due out in August. Give it a listen below.