“Enredados (Misty’s Mix)” is the latest from Las Nubes; a multilingual shoegazey poppy track from Iggy Pop guitarist Ale Campos and Emile Milgrim. The queer-identifying duo is based out of Miami, where they are heavily involved in music education and the empowerment of young girls through the power of music. Grungy guitars assail your ears, periodically making room for lyrics but otherwise rocking your socks off with plenty of layering and very in-your-face solos. Fans of Speedy Ortiz or Built to Spill would find a lot to enjoy here, specifically the jaunty guitars and fuzzed-out tones.

You can hear “Enredados (Misty’s Mix)” below from YouTube, along with Spotify and Bandcamp. If you like what you hear, the rest of the album Tormentas Malsanas is available to stream as well. You can’t hate on empowering the next generation of musicians either, so be sure to check out Milgrim’s work with Miami Girls Rock Camp and support that as well if you can.