Michigan based Jonathan Martin, the brains behind Slipped off Silk, brings us his latest with “Again & Again!.”  Lead by a catchy as f*&$ synth that eventually leads up to a rollickin’ guitar solo, Martin manages to fit a lot into a relatively short runtime of 2:35. While this may seem like punk song length, this is unabashedly an indie pop track through and through. Somehow managing to be both morose and uplifting, it’ll be sure to lift your mood and/or match it. Fans of Death Cab for Cutie, Hot Mulligan, or one of my personal favorite pop acts from the early aughts, Rooney, would find a lot to enjoy here (to be frank, if you know Rooney you’re a-ok in my book).

You can hear “Again & Again!” down below from YouTube or on Spotify. With allusions of “more to come” on his Spotify page, be sure to stay tuned for more wholesome indie goodness.