Buzzing hip-hop act Kod!e (aka Cody Rozler) just released a new music video for his latest single “Can’t Function.” The Buffalo-based rapper has no problem opening up to the world, bearing his soul with lines like, “I can’t function if I don’t have any drugs/sat here cryin’ cuz I’m feeling so numb.” It’s a powerful message about mental health, but also shows off Kod!e’s sharpened ear – it’s full of catchy melodies; (sadly) relatable lyrics; and a unique flow.

Kod!e is fresh off a March 5th show where they apparently set venue attendance records – perhaps an early indication that Kod!e is about to pop off with a promising hip hop career.

In the song’s music video produced by Nova Vision, Kod!e appears in a straitjacket with pills scattered across the floor. Check it out below.

You can also find the song on Spotify and Apple Music.