The newest from Great Klons is “Twilight Gardener.” The project is band helmed by Scott Klon as a solo effort, but certainly doesn’t sacrifice any sound. Klon is almost certainly a child of the 90’s and he’s got the chops to show it; the guitar feedback and straightforward hooks would have been at home in any liberal arts college that I’m familiar with. That isn’t to say Great Klons are copy cats or just rehashing old ideas, nay! Building on and growing what has come around before is how we get great new music.

The low-fi aesthetic employed here, along with the chill abandon, is most welcome in a time where music can often sound overproduced. Obviously a guitar guy by trade, listen to the layers and the simple brilliance of the bass and drums keeping beat – a novice effort this is not. Fans of Parquet courts, Guided by Voices, as well as Stephen Malkmus’ iterations over the years, would find a lot to enjoy here.

You can hear “Twilight Gardener” on Spotify or down below from the band’s Soundcloud. Be sure to check out the rest of the band’s catalogue if you like what you hear, we’re almost certain you probably will!