Australia based Eliza Klatt, the “Eliza” in the three piece Eliza & The Delusionals, brings us their latest single “Falling for You.” Sure to give you the warm and fuzzies, this pop bop is filled to the brim with Eliza’s impressive vocals and strong bass licks carrying the beat. I’m sure you’ll hear guitar and drums along with an impressive horn solo, but this is all second fiddle to Klatt’s pipes. Fans of artists like Mitski and Lana Del Rey will find some common ground with this track, as well as other highlights from the band like “Just Exist” and “Motion Sickness.”

If you’ve been swayed by my words, be sure to give “Falling for You” a listen over on Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube down below. For those of you distrustful: you can’t trust me so what makes you think you could trust you?