London-based Boy Ferguson is the brainchild of Oliver Gale, and “Grown Man” is their latest and FIRST single. Per his bio, he composes music for commercials but enjoys making music for himself as a creative outlet. His strength as a composer really shines with this track with a fine layering of guitar, synth, and bass. Small details emerge on subsequent listens; particularly how well he treats his voice like another instrument to push the track forward with his impressive vocal range. This feels very much like an homage to the pop acts of yesteryear, particularly Sting and the Police or maybe Peter Gabriel, but does enough to stand on it’s own and forge forward with his own take on the pop genre.

Be sure to give “Grown Man” a listen and keep your eyes peeled for more if you like what you hear! We’ve included the track below from Soundcloud but can also be heard on Spotify or Apple Music.