There’s a funny story behind the way Buffalo rapper, Nolo the Slayer got his name.

Early on in his music career, while he was going under the name Nolo, he randomly decided to change his Instagram handle to “@nolotheslayer.” On his first official feature, the artist who he had worked with saw his Instagram, assumed that was his artist name and released the feature as just that, “Nolo the Slayer.”

At first Nolo was a bit upset about the situation, as it wasn’t his chosen name, but before he knew it, the moniker had already stuck with those around him. He ended up continuting to use it and the word “Slayer” has even become a common adlib for him. 

The addition of “The Slayer” gives the name and interesting and unique edge, sounding like the title of some ancient exalted medieval knight. Furthermore, after he’s released and promoted 2023 projects like I Love Slayer and QUICKFIX, his fans are known for dropping dueling swords emojis in his now valiant comment sections.

His latest release, “Bottega,” follows up with a rowdy and ignorant rage sound, as the beat is flooded with repetitive synth work that makes it addicting to listen to. It’s a punky rap song full of dissonance and vigor within its minute and a half runtime. Nolo raps with a fiery finesse, hitting a quick flow and fitting many syllables into the pocket. His raspy voice is perfect for this hard hitting style as he excels with understated, repetitive hooks that will leave listeners buzzing with energy.

Be sure to listen to “Bottega” on Apple Music or Spotify, as well as check out the song’s music video done by Nolo’s routine collaborator, 98 murr.