Buffalo punk rock band Fake Space held absolutely nothing back in the rebellious banger “Cut it Loose” from their latest EP, Big Money Only (B$O). Released by Triple Hammer Records on November 17th, 2021, B$O serves as a blueprint to learn how to let loose in life. The vibrato in the vocals laid down on “Cut it Loose” are sharp enough to cut anything that’s keeping you tethered down.

The face of Fake Space, Christian Adams has been percolating as an integral part of the Buffalo music scene for more than a decade. Although Christian isn’t afraid to branch out and use keyboards, acoustic guitars, and ukuleles to write his songs, make no mistake – Fake Space is still a punk band at heart. With the huge pop-punk hooks here on B$O, he’ll surely infiltrate the rest of the world sometime soon.

Check out “Cut It Loose” via YouTube below, but be sure to visit the entire EP on Spotify too.