About four years ago, members of Rochester act the Instruments Band began recording the debut album for their new project, Dumb Angel, a trio featuring now Howlo band mates Justin Pulver (Europa & the Great Red Spot) and Ben Morey, in addition indie pop artist Blake Cooper. The threesome finally completed work on the album, titled Antenna, nearly a year ago and will be celebrating the release of the record next month on September 18th. Antenna will be available to purchase/stream via Dadstache Records and pre-sale orders are already being taken here.

In preparation for Antenna‘s release, Dumb Angel premiered the record’s first single, “In Sun,” today. Fans of Howlo should be immediately drawn to the song’s nervy opening guitar line, but where as the former seemed to focus on crunchier alt-rock sounds, “In Sun” brings an easy going vibe and lo-fi guitars to the table. Think a straight forward Yo La Tengo meets a sedated Wavves and you have a good place to start.

Listen to the track below and keep an eye out for Antenna later next month.