In the modern age of the music industry artists are constantly looking to gain themselves exposure, while streamlining content to their fans in a wholesome and creatively fulfilling way. Andrew Flicker of The Dropout has thrown his hat into the ring with the launch of bi-weekly single releases. The Dropout’s first release, “Let It Go,” is an anthem dedicated to letting the good times roll and sweating the small stuff no more. Through a swirling texture of synth and a spunky drum beat, it’s easy to lose all sense of responsibility, as Flicker chants “All the things you ever wanted, lay it out and disregard it.” This dose of pure indie electro-pop is all fun-in-the-sun-meets-baby’s-first-rave, while those of us in enter into winter-induced vitamin D deficiency. It’s dreamy, it’s dismissive; it’s oddly soothing and invigorating at the same time. Combat the winter chill by checking out for The Dropout’s new releases at his soundcloud page, fresh off the press twice a month into the new year.

Written by Cassandra Dailey