There is something so satisfying about exploring the darker side of things. From Houston, Texas, Leroy Bella – monikered SINES – has released the Divination compilation, under the Oracles label. The compilation features a variety of artists that bring a heavier and hauntingly intriguing vibe.

This album is not the type where I am going to break down each track one by one. The tracks, unique in their own way, makes the compilation just that: a product of previously separate items coming together to create something bigger. This one specifically inspires visions of dark alleyways strewn with faint, hazy light. One you would want to dance down.

“As the influx of cross mutations of club music became more and more evident to catch the ears of party goers. I wanted to bring my take with a spin on it and see how it would do showcasing a label with predominately U.S. artists,” Bella said.

Divination is a multi-genre compilation that experiments with crossing and blending various sounds heavily inspired by the UK, future bass, grime and Jersey club, featuring productions from Sines, Korma, YNGN, BWWWOYS and more.

Check out the full 15-track EP on Bandcamp. Listen in on a mix below.

Grade: A-