2014 looks to be a pretty big year for Charlotte rapper Deniro Farrar. Last year saw the release of two mixtapes (Patriarch and Patriarch II), which helped him to a selection to the illustrious XXL Freshman Cover for 2014. Signed with Vice Records and Warner Bros, Farrar released his major label debut this week, a six track EP titled Rebirth. Farrar keeps a low, calmly rough flow throughout the project, but each song has a distinctly different flavor to it.

Lunice of the electronic hip hop duo TNGHT provides an eerie landscape for Farrar on the second track “Burning Bills.” Smattering vocal samples (similar to the ones he and other TNGHT member Hudson Mohawke helped contribute to Kanye’s Yeezus)are worked in with  graveyard synths. It’s the perfect compliment to the lo-fi, gritty raspiness of Farrar’s voice as he raps about the almighty dollar.  The hook has some pretty cool, demonic imagery to it, leading with “Light my blunt with a burning bill, they say I sold my soul, well I guess it’s real.” I’m all for lighting anything with flaming dollars, so I really enjoy this song.

Farrar follows it up with a nice juxtaposition with the song “Notice.” It’s like a thoughtful love song about a girl who is unappreciated by everyone in her life, except for Deniro Farrar. Not the most unique song in the world, but I certainly didn’t see it coming from the guy who just talked about setting hundred dollar bills on fire.

The standout track and lead single off of this thing is the Denzel Curry assisted “Bow Down.” The rappers each take a verse to spit some maniacally murderous bars similar to something we’d have heard out of 3 6 Mafia back in the 90s, who are very clearly heavy influences on these artists. Denzel, out of south Florida gets the better of Farrar on this track in my mind. A random SoundCloud commenter said it best: “Denzel got them scary baarrss.” Denzel’s more aggressive take on violence and power just fits the song better, but Farrar’s verse still holds close. The beat is comprised of muffled synths and echoing bells and really turns this song into a certified banger.

Overall, this EP serves as a great introduction to Farrar’s versatility, and has a lot of replay value. It’s got plenty of calm grittiness, a decent love song in “Notice,” and even has some RnB flavor on the song “Late Nights” featuring DuRuThaKing. Farrar certainly has the uniqueness to make waves in the rap game, and his desensitized flow is one of the more memorable new ones I’ve heard in a while. This project is a short, nice portfolio of an artist I’m sure we will hear a lot out of. Listen to “Bow Down” below.

Grade: B